A tranquil massage studio located in the heart of Margaret River.

We offer a combination of many massage and treatment modalities to suit the needs of each individual:

  • Hawaiian (Huna) massage
  • Volcanic Hot Stone massage
  • Remedial massage

Highest quality essential oils and pure cold pressed base oils are used.

Experience the balancing harmony of massage for total well being of Body, Mind and Spirit.


The Benefits of Massage

Although a certain amount of stress is essential to add zest to life, too much stress has a negative effect.
There is a strong link between stress and illness, massage is an ideal way of reducing stress whether physical or emotional, by relaxing taut muscles it enables the whole body and mind to relax.
Massage can help treat:
* Tension and pain
* Headache and insomnia
* Stress
* Sports injuries and soreness


Massage offers a glimpse of deeper relaxation and inner tranquility.
Massage works on many levels, all of which aim to reduce the symptoms
that cause negative sensory input and to increase the positive input.
This accounts for the general feeling of well-being that is experienced
after a massage treatment and the greater freedom and joy in movement.