A tranquil Massage Studio
located in the heart of Margaret River

Experience the balancing harmony of massage for total well being of Body, Mind & Spirit.

Restore . Revive . Relax

Lavander-Rose ONeill massage - Photo-Daniela Tommasi
Rose ONeill massage
Willow Products -RoseONeill Massage
Hot Stones Men - Rose ONeill massage

A tranquil massage studio located in the heart of Margaret River

We offer a combination of many massage and treatment modalities to suit the needs of each individual:

Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

Remedial Massage

Chinese Cupping

Mini Facial

Our Treatments

We offer a combination of many massage and treatment modalities to suit the needs of each individual:

Hot Volcanic Stone Massage

Hot Stones - Rose ONeill massage

Using ancient tools of the earth, smooth warmed volcanic stones are integrated with nurturing touch, as the stones perform their magic gliding across the body. Essential oils are used to awaken and delight your senses. The heat encourages tense muscles to soften and release, restoring your body to harmony and balance. Allow yourself to experience this nourishing massage treatment.

Hawaiian (Huna) Massage

Men-Stones - Rose ONeill massage

Be nurtured by the flowing energy of Huna Massage. “Huna” is the holistic belief system of the Hawaiian/Polynesian people, dating back thousands of years. “Huna Massage” is just one aspect of this system. It was originally reserved for royalty and rites of passage rituals. It is characterised as a massage style by the graceful, rythmic, flowing forearm strokes. The body acts as a choregrapher while the masseur is the dancer who answers the needs of the body by movements which stretch and squeeze the muscles. The hands balance and harmonise the subtle energies of the body, thus the whole process results in a truly holistic form of bodywork. Whether you are physically tired with aching muscles and/or you are in need of nurturing, allow yourself to experience the balancing harmony of Huna Massage for total wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

Remedial Massage

Stones - Rose ONeill massage

Using a combination of techniques including deep tissue and trigger point for treatment of muscle tension and injury. Traditional chinese cupping available with massage treatments.


Rose ONeill massage

Whole body treatment through the reflex points of the feet.

Mini Facial

Willow Products -RoseONeill Massage

Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, hydrate. We use Willow Tree Skincare products. Our handcrafted natural skincare products are made in Margaret River. They are sourced with the best local and sustainable plant oils, extracts, butters, waxes and botanicals. Free of synthetic fragrances and unnatural preservatives.

Traditional Chinese Cupping

Cups - Rose ONeill massage

Cupping is an ancient therapy with historical origins across many cultures. Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where cups are placed, this may help relieve muscle tension which may enable the dispersion of inflammation and congestion.

Myofascial Release


This is an effective hands-on technique using gentle to strong pressure into the myofascial connective tissue to loosen areas of tension. This treatment is performed directly on skin using no or minimal use of oils or creams, using sustained pressure to facilitate release of the fascia.

Pregnancy Massage

Willow-RoseONeill - Massage Oils

Massage in pregnancy is beneficial to help nurture your changing body, and helpful in enhancing overall wellbeing. Preformed in a side-lying position with supporting pillows.

Gift Vouchers

Flowers - Rose ONeill massage

Gift Vouchers also available. Please enquire below.


$100 ~ 60-minute Treatment
$145 ~ 90-minute Treatment
$60 ~ 40-minute Mini-Facial

Payment is by direct bank deposit or cash. Health Fund rebates may apply.

Cancellation Policy: When cancelling an appointment, it would be appreciated to give at least 24 hours notice so that the appointment may be made available to others.

Arrival: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled treatment time.

Thank you I look forward to meeting you.​

A tranquil massage studio located in the heart of Margaret River

Rose O’Neill has more than 20 years experience as a massage therapist with specialization in diverse treatment options. She is a Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

Rose-Massage Studio - Photo-Daniela Tommasi
Rose-Massage - Photo-Daniela Tommasi
Rose-Massage - Photo-Daniela Tommasi
Rose-Massage - Photo-Daniela Tommasi

Client Testimonials

“On a cold winters day, it was magic to go into a warm room, warm blankets and all very cosy and professional. Very nice massage and the hot stones were fabulous. Will go again.”
Janet Walters
“A massage with Rose is always one of the highlights in my trips to Margaret River. She is very professional, reliable and accommodating. Her studio is clean, comfortable and well equipped as well as private and tranquil. With training in a number of techniques, the treatments are tailored to your needs.”
Marisa Trio
“A wonderful, skilful and relaxing massage.”
Tracey Hunt

The Benefits of Massage

Although a certain amount of stress is essential to add zest to life, too much stress has a negative effect. There is a strong link between stress and illness, massage is an ideal way of reducing stress whether physical or emotional, by relaxing taut muscles it enables the whole body and mind to relax.

Massage can help treat:

Tension & Pain
Headache & Insomnia
Sports Injuries

Massage offers a glimpse of deeper relaxation and inner tranquility. Massage works on many levels, all of which aim to reduce the symptoms that cause negative sensory input and to increase the positive input. This accounts for the general feeling of well-being that is experienced after a massage treatment and the greater freedom and joy in movement.

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